Pollock, Louisiana

Growing For The Future 

April 2021 Meeting Minutes

  • Town of Pollock
    Town Meeting Minutes
    MONDAY, APRIL 5, 2021
    The Mayor & Town Council met on said date in a Regular Session at 9 A.M. in
    the Pollock Municipal Building Council Room, Pollock, La. The following
    members were present: Mayor Douglas Beavers, Councilwoman Dee Thorne,
    Councilwoman Cynthia Dickey, Councilwoman Misty Kinn, Councilman Ron
    Wilkins, and Councilman Carroll Cathey.
    Mayor Beavers called the meeting to order by leading the “Lord’s Prayer”,
    followed by the Pledge of Allegiance led by Councilwoman Dee Thorne. Mayor
    Beavers welcomed guests.
    Mayor Beavers stated: “I am honored to be here today and I do not take this
    position lightly and look forward to serving with each of you. I wrote something
    down that I’d like to share. We must reject the politics of revenge, resistance and
    retribution, and embrace our boundless potential. We must choose between
    greatness or gridlock, results or resistance, vision or vengeance, incredible progress
    or pointless destruction. Today, I ask every one of you to choose greatness. I’m
    asking everyone to join this incredible movement. I’m asking you to dream big
    and bold and daring things for Pollock. Together we have the same mission. We
    all want to see our town reach for the stars and begin to move forward with real
    action which will bring real results.”
    Meeting opened for public comments or questions from anyone in
    attendance. Mayor Beavers recognized a local citizen who had a question
    concerning ditches and culverts as far as weed eating and upkeep on the street at
    which he resides. The citizen stated he had trees growing in the ditch and around a
    culvert. The issue was addressed and Mayor Beavers told the citizen that we could
    not spray round up in the ditches and that he had spoken with Superintendent
    Dezendorf and they would be taking care of this matter by weed eating and
    removing the growth.
    Motion was made to approve the monthly Meeting Minutes of March 1,
    2021 by Councilwoman Thorne, seconded by Councilwoman Dickey. Roll call
    vote: 5 yeas. Motion carried.
    Motion was made by Councilwoman Thorne, seconded by Councilwoman
    Kinn to appoint Deborah Durham as interim town clerk. Roll call vote: 5 yeas.
    Motion carried.
    Motion was made by Councilwoman Dickey, seconded by Councilwoman
    Kinn to approve a resolution for the signing of bank signature cards on all town
    accounts allowing Mayor Douglas Beavers, Mayor Pro Tem Ronald Wilkins and
  • Interim Clerk Deborah Durham to sign checks as required. Roll call vote: 5 yeas.
    Motion Carried.
    There was a discussion on changing the time of the town meeting to 6:00
    P.M. each month on the first Monday. Mayor Beavers suggested a trial basis of the
    6:00 P.M. time.
    Motion was made to change the time of the town meeting by Councilman
    Cathey, seconded by Councilwoman Thorne. Roll call vote: 2 yeas, Councilman
    Cathey and Councilwoman Thorne, 3 nays, Councilman Wilkins, Councilwoman
    Kinn and Councilwoman Dickey. Motion failed.
    After further discussion Councilman Cathey suggested getting feedback
    from the town and to make contact with the citizens via a card in the mail on which
    a time could be selected for the meeting and the card returned to the town hall for a
    count to see what time the citizens would be in
    favor of and presented at the next
    Attorney Greg Jones stated that the governor had opened up the occupancy
    restriction under a new proclamation associated with Covid-19 and that it was nice
    to see so much participation in the meeting. Furthermore there was a stimulus
    package passed on to the local governments that could allow the Town of Pollock
    to be eligible to receive up to $180,000 for infrastructure improvements. He will
    provide further information to the Mayor and council as he receives more details.
    Pan American Representative, Mr. Jacob Guillory was present and discussed
    the CDBG application to rehabilitate one of the town’s lift stations.
    C.P.A. Report, Mr. Steven McKay stated that the audit report would be
    discussed at the May meeting and that he was looking forward to working with the
    new Mayor.
    Chief of Police had no report to present. Disseminated his monthly report.
    Supervisor Matt Dezendorf gave an update on the Georgia Street life station
    stating that the rehab pumps won’t work properly. Wet wipes, coming from the
    apartments, in the sewer will not go through the pumps. He also stated that they
    are still working on things from the freeze earlier in the year.
    Councilwoman Dickey expressed an interest in taking a class on Grant
    Writing in the future.
    Councilman Wilkins stated that he was pleased with the public forum on
    Facebook and stated that he thought this was a good form of exchanging
    information as far as the town is concerned.
    Councilwoman Thorne discussed the upcoming Yard of the Month
    competition and stated that the main observation would be mowed and manicured
    yards and that flowers are great but not necessary to be the recipient of this honor.
    She also congratulated the Mayor and welcomed him.
  • Councilman Cathey welcomed the Mayor and requested a copy of the Town
    Councilwoman Kinn discussed the Easter Egg Hunt that was taking place in
    town that afternoon.
    Mayor Beavers discussed some trees that needed to be removed from the
    park and around town that were a liability and informed the council that he would
    be getting some quotes for that work. He also discussed the basketball court and
    the plans to improve it for the youth of Pollock.
    Motion was made by Councilman Cathey, seconded by Councilwoman Kinn
    to make the improvements necessary to the town basketball court. Roll call vote: 5
    yeas. Motion carried.
    Mayor Beavers discussed Foster Park and the plans to improve it.
    Motion was made by Councilwoman Dickey, seconded by Councilwoman
    Thorne to adjourn. Roll call vote: 5 yeas. Motion carried.
    Deborah Durham, Interim Town Clerk

Committed to working with the people and for the good of Pollock