Pollock, Louisiana

Growing For The Future 

June 2020 Council Meeting

Town of Pollock
Monday, June 1, 2020

             Pollock Town Council Meeting again was held unusual due to the COVID-19 Virus for Public Gathering Limited Proclamation JBE-2020-33. Only 9 people could attend the meeting live and each placed at a safe distance from each other.  The Meeting was streamed live on Town of Pollock face book Utility Clerk page.  Quorum was met by live attendance of Mayor Scott, Councilwoman Misty Kinn, Councilman Ron Wilkins, and Councilwoman Deborah Tumminello and via telephone Councilwoman Dee Thorne and Councilman Carroll Cathey. Mayor Scott and Town Council met on said date in a Regular Session at 9 A.M. in the Pollock Municipal Building Council Room, Pollock, Louisiana.

            Mayor Scott call the Town Meeting to order by leading the “Lord’s Prayer”, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Mayor Scott welcomed Guests.

            Motion made by Councilman Wilkins to approve the May 4, 2020, Town Meeting Minutes, seconded by Councilwoman Deborah Tumminello. Vote: 5 yeas.  Motion carried.

            Meeting open for Public Comments: Telephone line open for calls from public. No comments.

            Meeting open for Town Council Comments: No comments.

            Attorney Greg Jones:  Mayor Scott asked the Pollock Town Council to make a motion to appoint Richard Campo to replace Dusty Smith, who recently resigned, to the Grant Parish Fire District 5 Board of Directors. Council. With approval of Mayor Scott, a motion was made by Councilwoman Kinn to appoint Richard Campo to the Grant Parish Fire District 5 Board of Directors, motion seconded by Councilwoman Thorne.  5 Yeas, 0 Nays Motion carried.

            Attorney Jones stated.” we may be able to make a presentation for $100,000 with the State for the Pollock Airport. I will ask the Town’s Engineers, Pan American, to prepare a plan to present to the State during this month, so I can let the Mayor and Town Council look over the plans at our July Town Council Meeting before giving it to the State”.

            Pan American Engineers were unable to attend.

            Town CPA Mr. Steven McKay was unable to attend.

            Chief Chris Paul disseminated his monthly police report before meeting.

            Town Clerk Judy Shelton disseminated the monthly Town of Pollock Financial Report.

            Mayor Scott’s reported the Town of Pollock’s 4th of July Fireworks Display will HAPPEN!!! The display will begin on Saturday, July 4th at dark in the LaCroix Park located on Highway 8 West in Pollock.  Refreshments and drinks will be provided. Fun for the whole family. Dress comfortably and bring your lawn chairs. As soon as the Governor lifts the splash pads, swimming pools and other public recreation areas to reopen, the Town’s Splash Pad is ready to go stated Mayor Scott. We will make our children happy.

            Attorney Jones also thanked the Chief of Police Chris Paul and Pollock Police Department for an excellent job working during these hard times the last few months with Covid-19 issues.

            Motion made to adjourn by Councilwoman Kinn, seconded by Councilwoman Tumminello.  All in favor with 5 yeas. Motion carried.


MAYOR JEROME SCOTT                                                 

Judy Shelton, Town Clerk

Committed to working with the people and for the good of Pollock