Pollock, Louisiana

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March 2019 Council Meeting

Town of Pollock

Public Hearing Meeting


          Mayor Jerome Scott called for public comments during the Public Hearing meeting, held in the Pollock Municipal Building on Monday, March 4, 2019, at 8:45 A.M., regarding the proposed Ordinance #020419, to provide Chief of Police Chris Paul with town funded health insurance (Blue Cross).  Town of Pollock citizen, Mr. Philip Hale addressed the Town Council, Mayor Scott and guests and stated he would like to provide some information on the proposal. “In March of 2016, the Chief received a $6,000. raise in salary per year, or 13.5%, and I was under the impression at that time that the raise was for the purpose of his purchasing health insurance.”  He went on to say that the Town of Pollock currently pays about $173,000 annually in health insurance expenses for the full time employees, which equals about $15,755 annually per employee. “If you do pass this proposal, the town’s potential annual expense increase will be about $110,000 added to the current $173,000. If the proposal passes, I believe a Budget amendment is in order but I do not see one on the agenda. Your role is to make decisions which are best for the town and its citizens. This is your fiduciary responsibility. On my final note, no candidate running for office mentioned providing health insurance for elected officials prior to the last election.” 


Town of Pollock

Town Council Meeting Minutes



     The Mayor & Town Council met on said date in a Regular Session at 9:00 A.M., in the Pollock Municipal Building Council Chambers, in Pollock, Louisiana.  The following members were present: Mayor Jerome Scott, Councilwoman Dee Thorne, Councilwoman Deborah Tumminello, Councilman Ron Wilkins, Councilman Carroll Cathey and Councilman Randy Estes.

     Mayor Scott called the Town Council Meeting to order by leading the “Lord’s Prayer”, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Mayor Scott welcomed guests.

     Meeting open for Public Comments:  Mr. Alton Thorne presented photos of a ditch problem located behind his home on John Street.  Mr. Thorne stated that he would like 30 inch culverts placed along the drop off point along the ditch. Mayor Scott will pass this on to Town Attorney Greg Jones so that he can discuss a possible resolution with Pan American Engineers.

     Mayor Scott opened the meeting for Council Comments:  No comments.

     A motion was made to approve the February 4, 2019, Town Council Meeting Minutes by Councilman Wilkins, seconded by Councilwoman Thorne. Roll call vote: 5 yeas, 0 nays and 0 absent. Motion carried.

     A motion was made by Councilman Estes to adopt Resolution #030419: “A RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING THAT TOWN FUNDED HEALTH INSURANCE COVERAGE BE OFFERED BY THE TOWN TO ALL ELECTED OFFICIALS OF THE TOWN OF POLLOCK THROUGH THE POLICY ISSUED BY BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD OF LOUISIANA,” seconded by Councilwoman Thorne. On a roll call vote: 4 yeas. 0 nays, 1 abstain (Wilkins). Motion carried.

     A motion was made to adopt Ordinance #020419 by Councilwoman Thorne, seconded by Councilman Estes authorizing the group hospitalization, accident, & Health insurance for town employees and Department Heads of the Town of Pollock. Roll call vote: 4 yeas, 0 nays, 1 abstain (Wilkins). Motion carried.

     A motion was made by Councilwoman Tumminello to adopt the Revised Town of Pollock Zoning Code Ordinance, seconded by Councilman Wilkins. On a roll call vote: 5 yeas, 0 nays, 0 absent. Motion carried.

     Pan American Engineer Mr. Pete Bruce brought forth two Resolutions for Mayor Scott’s L.C.D.B.G. grant. A motion was made by Councilman Estes for a L.C.D.B.G. grant proposal for the Citizens Participation Plan, seconded by Councilwoman Tumminello. On a roll call vote: 5 yeas, 0 nays, 0 absent. Motion.  A motion was made by Councilman Estes to hereby authorize Mayor Scott to call a Public Hearing on Monday, April 1, 2019, at 8:45 A.M. for the L.C.D.B.G. Grant proposal.

     Town of Pollock Attorney Greg Jones was unable to attend the Pollock Town Council Meeting due to illness.        

      Mr. Steven McKay, town C.P.A. stated the annual audit of the Town of Pollock’s finances are currently in process and the 2018 Audit is almost complete. 

      Chief of Police Chris Paul had no comments to offer. 

      Town Clerk Judy Shelton disseminated the monthly Town of Pollock Financial Report.

      Mayor’s report:

          “The first Town of Pollock Farmer’s Market of 2019, will be held in Foster Park on the first Saturday of May (May 4th) and June (June 1st).  I encourage everyone to come out and sell or purchase and make this a good event for our ‘community family’.  Our past farmer’s markets have been very successful and I believe they will be as good this year as well.  Come on out!” 

           “I would like to extend thanks to those who participated in and supported our youth at the 14th Annual Mardi Gras Walking Parade held on Saturday, February 16th.  We had a great turn out and it was a great annual activity for the watchers and the walkers.  I look forward to next year’s Mardi Gras event in Pollock.”

          “Everyone is invited to the official unveiling and dedication of the new Viet Nam memorial in Pollock.  The ceremony will be held on Saturday, March 9th, at 10:00 A.M. at Memorial Plaza on Patterson Street.” 

          “The Pollock Easter Egg Hunt will take place at the Town of Pollock Municipal Building on Saturday, April 13th, beginning at 10:00 A.M.  Please remember to bring a basket and camera, and dress appropriately for the weather.  There will be prizes, popcorn and drinks, and the Easter Bunny will be in attendance.  A big thanks to those who are busy planning this event for our youngsters.”

          “The Town of Pollock has a new addition, thanks to the Grant High School Carpentry Class.  We now have a FREE LENDING LIBRARY where free books can be obtained for children, teens, and adults.  Those wishing to donate books may do so by simply placing them in the Lending Library structure located in front of the Pollock Municipal Building.  It was recently installed and is utilized daily.  Come see.  Take a book, leave a book if you would like.”

          “I am very happy to announce that the L.G.A.P. Grant proposal I recently submitted has been approved.  The Town of Pollock will be receiving $21,426 to be utilized on the purchase of a mini excavator with attachments.

     A motion was made to adjourn by Councilwoman Tumminello, seconded by Councilman Estes. All in favor, 5 yeas. The motion carried.



Judy Shelton, Town Clerk

Committed to working with the people and for the good of Pollock