Pollock, Louisiana

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December 2019 Council Meeting

Public Hearing Meeting Minutes

December 2, 2019, at 8:45 A.M.

Mayor Scott called for public comments during a Public Hearing Meeting, held in the Pollock Municipal Building, on Monday, December 2, 2019, at 8:45 A.M., regarding Ordinance #12-2-19A, the 2019 Amended Budget, and  Ordinance #12-2-19B, the Operating Budget for 2020. Mr. Philip Hale came forward and stated that after reviewing the 2020 budget for the Town of Pollock, he was very pleased with the figures for our future revenue and expenditures. No one else came forward and at 9:00 A.M. Mayor Jerome Scott closed the Public Hearing.


Town of Pollock

Town Council Meeting Minutes

December 2, 2019


 The Mayor & Town Council met said date in a Regular Session at 9:00 A.M., in the Pollock Municipal Building, Council Meeting Room, Pollock, La.  The following members were present: Mayor Jerome Scott, Councilwoman Dee Thorne, Councilwoman Deborah Tumminello, Councilman Ron Wilkins, Councilman Carroll Cathey, and Councilwoman Misty Kinn.

Mayor Scott called meeting to order, led the attendees in the “Lord’s Prayer”, and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mayor Scott welcomed guests to meeting.  He also welcomed and congratulated newly-elected Councilwoman Misty Kinn.  He went on to wish Councilman Wilkins a happy 80th birthday. 

A motion was made to approve the Town Council Meeting Minutes for November 4, 2019, by Councilman Wilkins, seconded by Councilwoman Kinn. On a roll call vote: Thorne-yea; Tumminello-abstain; Wilkins-yea; Cathey-yea, Councilwoman Kinn – yea.  Yeas 4, Nays 0, 1 abstain. Motion carried. 

 Meeting open to Public:  There were no public comments.

Meeting open to Town Council:  Councilman Wilkins and Mayor Scott both thanked Mr. Alton Thorne for donation of a slide that has been placed in Foster Park.   Next, Councilman Cathey disseminated, to Mayor Scott and the Town Council members,  a petition signed by 12 persons who live within the city limits of Pollock.  The petition asked for permanent removal of the brand new 55 gallon safety barrels, owned by and placed by the Town of Pollock, on Ludlow Street (in about the first part of November, 2019). The petition stated that the barrels making up the safety barrier were an eyesore and held health risks to people and animals.   The original set of three barrels making up a safety barrier (and placed on the site on Ludlow Street) were removed in October, 2019.  The original barrels had been placed there sometime around January of 2019, by the Town of Pollock Streets and Maintenance Department in an effort to protect citizens and drivers from driving over and caving in storm drainage grates in a non-driving area. The first set of three barrels were removed from the safety area, and were removed without the Town’s permission.    According to Mr. Matt Dezendorf, Streets and Maintenance Supervisor, the barrels held water, were sealed and capped, and did not leak.  He stated that the non-driving area on Ludlow was only supposed to be a storm drain and was not constructed to be a road for day to day travel, nor heavy traffic.  Mr. Dezendorf went on to say that the barrels had been taken.  Mayor Scott stated, “They were stolen.” After much discussion, Mr. Philip Hale asked who removed the barrels. Councilman Carroll Cathey asked Mr. Hale, “do you mean stolen or removed?”  After a brief moment, Councilman Cathey stated “I did, it was an eye sore.”  Mayor Scott stated, “They were not yours to remove. They belonged to the Town of Pollock and you took them.”  At this point, Councilwoman Kinn asked if there had been a police report completed.  Chief Paul stated that he did what he was supposed to do and had turned everything over to the Sheriff as instructed.  Councilman Cathey informed those attending the meeting that the newly placed barrels were not plugged and sealed and could pose potential health hazards.  At that time, Mayor Scott asked Mr. Dezendorf go check the barrels and return.  Upon his return, Mr. Dezendorf stated that he checked with all of the Streets and Maintenance employees and that the barrels had definitely been plugged when they were placed as part of the safety barrier on Ludlow Street.  He stated that someone had unplugged the barrels since their placement on Ludlow Street.  Mayor Scott asked Mr. Dezendorf to order new plugs and permanently seal the barrels so that no person could remove or steal the plugs.  A motion was made by Councilman Cathey to remove the barrels and fix the area for road usage. Mayor Scott called twice for a second on Councilman Cathey’s motion.  There was no second from the Council and Councilman Cathey’s motion failed due to lack of a second. 

Town Attorney Greg Jones welcomed Councilwoman Misty Kinn to the Town Council.   She won the election on November 16, 2019.   He then brought forward a suggestion letter for the public to review concerning the possibility of changing the time for the Town Council Meetings.  A motion was made by Councilwoman Kinn to keep the monthly Town Council Meeting time at 9:00 A.M., seconded by Councilwoman Tumminello.  On a roll call vote: Thorne – yea, Tumminello – yea, Wilkins – yea, Cathey – nay, and Kinn – yea. Yea 4, Nay 1, absent 0. The motion carried.

A motion to Adopt Ordinance #12-2-19A, Amended Budget for 2019, was offered by Councilman Wilkins, seconded by Councilwoman Kinn. On a roll call vote: Thorne – abstain, Tumminello – yea, Wilkins – yea, Cathey – nay, and Kinn – yea. Yeas 3, Nays 1, Abstain 1, Absent 0.  The motion carried.  A motion was made to Adopt Ordinance #12-2-19B, Operating Budget for 2020, by Councilwoman Kinn, seconded by Councilman Wilkins. Roll call vote:  Thorne – yea, Tumminello – yea, Wilkins – yea, Cathey – nay and Kinn – yea.  Yeas 4, Nays 1, Absent 0. Motion carried.

Pan American Engineers were unable to attend.

Motion to hire Dan McClung from part-time to a full time Town of Pollock police officer was made by Councilwoman Thorne, seconded by Councilwoman Tumminello. Approved by all with a vote of 5 yeas. Chief Paul disseminated the Police Monthly report.

Town Clerk July Shelton disseminated the Financial Report to Mayor Scott and Town Council.

Mayor report: Santa in the Park had a huge turn out and everyone in attendance all had a wonderful time with Santa. The Town of Pollock Christmas Parade is Saturday, December 14, 2019, at 10:00 A.M. Mayor Scott asked all Councilmembers who will be riding the parade to please let Judy Shelton know so that she can arrange for parade candy.  “The Blessing Box has been a success and we are so proud that our community cares enough to donate.”  Mayor Scott thanked Miss Katlynn Peckmore for being kind enough to keep the lights replaced under the Foster Park pavilion.   

A motion was made to adjourn by Councilwoman Tumminello, seconded by Councilwoman Kinn. All in favor with 5 yeas. Motion carried unanimously.


Judy Shelton, Town Clerk

Committed to working with the people and for the good of Pollock